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Lalisa Manoban

Interesting Facts about Guitars

The world guitar was adopted in England after they heard about Spanish instrument named “guitarra”.

There are two basic types of guitars – Acoustic and electric, all with many sub categories.

The look of modern guitar was established by Spanish guitarist Antonio Torres Jurado.

One of the oldest guitar instruments was chitara, which was used in Ancient Rome.

Guitars were always constructed with hollow bodies, until electric guitars came and made that design choice obsolete.

The oldest guitars came from Persia (modern day Iran), where they were called Tanbur. That was around 3500 years ago.

The oldest graphical representation of stringed guitars comes from 3300 Hittite ruins.

One of the most popular stringed guitars in medieval Europe was Lute.
Gibson made his first electric guitar in 1936.

In 1400 AD, Europe become home of one of the most influential guitar types ever made – Vihuela.

Guitars were not the most popular instruments in the world until early 1900s. Before that, pianos, violins and flute were much more widespread.
During middle ages, guitars were used almost exclusively as rhythm instruments.

There are many types of guitars – Classical, Electric, mixed, 12 strings, arch top, Steel, flamenco, resonator, double-necked and many more.
According to many sources, one of the most influential guitar players of all time was Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970).

Names of ancient guitars – Gitarre, Chitara, Kithara, Sithar, Gutarra, quitare, qitara.

Some of the most popular guitar manufacturers are Gibson, Dean, PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, Martin and Gretsch.

Electric guitars have electromagnetic pickups that convert string vibrations into electrical signals. These signals can be then amplified, modified via vacuum tubes, and reproduce on electric speakers.

Basic components of guitar – Headstock, neck, nut, fretboard or fingerboard, frets, truss rod, strings and inlays.

Guitar accessories are – Capotasto, Slides and Plectum (guitar picks).
Most expensive guitar ever sold was Eric Clapton's "Blackie" Stratocaster ($959,500 in 2004).