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What should you do to maintain an healthy mental health?

Every October 10th of the year the World Mental Health Day is observed a campaign by the World Health Organization to raise an awareness about mental state issues, and its importance.

Many people today are emotionally distress on a way to deal with this pandemic. This is not only because of wide spreading of the virus, but also affect individual mental state. So it's more important to us to require take care of ourself, and also help the community.

In this article I will discuss with you the things you should do to maintain a healthy mind, and to avoid mental issues.

1. Make sure give time to yourself

It is an enormous factor that almost all of the time we forget to give attention to yourself. Because of the modules at school, and workloads at work that give us stress. Sometimes give yourself a time to exercise, meditating, eat healthy foods, and sleep on time. On that simple way it allows you to balance your stress, and avoid possible health issues.

2. Socialize, talk with people

This pandemic its a big challenge for us to be with other people because of some health protocols which is the social distancing. But good thing that because of our modern technology they're some ways we can talk to our loved ones, and friends. Like Zoom, Skype, Messenger, and other application. Don't isolate yourself alone use those platforms to reach out to them. Socialize more, and talk more it will help.

3. Seek for a doctor's advice

It is not bad to consult a doctor if you're feeling unwell. And also visiting a doctor isn't indicating that you have a mental illness. We should always avoid that misconception, because doctors are there to assist you.

4. Express emotion to others

Don't tough it out,  talk with your parents, friends, or someone you think that could help you. Because talking to others will help you to release your disposition. 

5. Give back to your community

Helping people isn't only good them it's also beneficial for us because it could make us happier, and healthier too. 

6. Connect with God

I absolutely agree that having a connection God will give us more strength. Exercise yourself to pray, listen, and read the word of God. Bible may not be a book of medicine but it could give you advice to balance your health.

Like within the bible verse of Ephesians 5:29 "No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church".

I may say that I'm also a victim of mental illness and all I discuss are the things that I did to survive from mental illness. 

Mental health could be a important matter treat them as early as you can. And always remember you are the reason that making yourself more complicated, and it is up to you on how well you handle it.