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I'm not sure if a lot of readers/writers here uses tumblr, but if you are one, I know you knew how much tumblr celebrated when Biden-Harris was elected. I'm also not sure why, but I have never been so hopeful in any elections, for that matter - until their recent victory. Maybe it was because from the time I understand how politics works in our country, I didn't really take it seriously thinking that the result will always be the same - we'll elect someone we're hopeful of making a change, but in the end got disappointed as it doesn't meet our standards.

It's been 7 years now since I reached legal age to vote. During the recent election, I voted for Miriam Defensor-Santiago because I believe in her values and actions. Lots of people have been telling me that there's no way she's gonna win because 'she's too smart', or that 'she only focuses on youth' and that 'she's only appealing to the people in middle class'. So when results came out, I was not surprised. Sadly, she passed away months later. 

Since 2016, a lot of things happened in this country and I was ashamed to admit that I turned a blind eye for what's happening around me. I focused on myself, my family, my loved ones and on my career. To myself, I thought, the world will continue to revolve no matter who's on the throne. There were things and some decisions of the government that as a Filipino, I was not proud of. 

Until recently, I watched Taylor Swift's documentary in Netflix. At first, I watched it as a fan of her music, never did I imagine that as the film goes on, she would discuss politics and how it is important for her to be on the right side of history. I watched how she courageously defended herself in front of her team, her dad, and her publicist into going vocal about her stand - and that moment struck me. 

Of course I cannot compare Taylor Swift to anyone else, especially to myself who's just a common person, but I was inspired by her courage. The power of media and networks, their hard work, and the use of their platforms and voices had really paid off given the result of 2020 US Election. If US was open to change and made history electing the first female vice president, what's stopping us? US did it, and now it's our turn.

Lastly, people may say, "it's just one vote, it will not matter", then please tell them otherwise. Just like how Taylor positioned it, it may still be a long journey, but the best time to prepare is now. If we start now, there will be thousands of youth turning 18 by 2022, and that will make a difference. 

Not many people know that during elections, we all have equal rights and we are not judged by our educational attainment, our preferences, how much money we make, or if we are employed or not. Poor people can only vote once, and so are rich people. Gay people can only vote once, and so are straight people. Let's start manifesting and educating them now. It's not too late. It will never be too late.