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Why It's Important to Never Give Up and Stay Committed

Today I received a message from an old friend who started working in the BPO (Call Center) Industry. She was telling me how frustrated and how nervous she was at the moment for she felt like she may not passed the nesting phase (in layman's term, it's like OJT). She said she was just looking for someone to release what she felt and someone who will understand how she feels, and since I work in the same industry, she messaged me. I don't know what's the right words to tell her so instead of giving her advice, I told her my story.

I was once just like her during my first days in the BPO. I applied as a technical support representative in one of the big BPO companies in the country. It was fun during the training period but as days go by, the pressure and the challenge are one by one approaching. It was our third week in Nesting Phase when I was yelled at, cursed at, and ridiculed by one of the customers. She was not even calling about a technical issue, but a financial situation. I was not even given the chance to console her as she already hung up the phone. I took my break after that call. I went inside one of the cubicle in our office restroom and stayed there for a couple of minutes - contemplating what I did wrong to be treated that way. Before that day ends, I talked to my trainer and supervisor and told them I will not be reporting to work anymore and that I will be filing my resignation letter within the next day. They tried to talk me out of it - told me that I have the potential and that most likely I will pass the Nesting Phase and there's a big chance of being endorsed to production. My trainer told me they didn't even see any red flag in the way I handle calls and my resolution rate is really high. I told them why I suddenly felt like giving up - that I pity myself for being yelled at for something that's not even my fault. They told me not to report to work the next day (since we are allowed to have at least 8 hours accumulated lates or equivalent to 1 day leave/absence) so that I could think straight and re-consider.

So, I reported to work after some time of thinking. I felt so recharged and I realized that I should not give up yet. One angry customer will not break me, and that I should not take things personally, especially in this job. So, once again, I worked really hard and show my bosses that I appreciate their patience with me and that I will not waste the chance they gave me. The week ended and we're up to graduation, sadly, I didn't pass the target scores. I was short by 0.64 points to reach the program's metrics. I was beyond frustrated and I was thinking that if only I didn't take that one day off, I will be able to reach the target score. I was full of remorse that I failed and what frustrates me more is that I will need to prepare another set of requirements and undergo interviews for another job again. My supervisor tried to vouch for me, however, his manager declined.

I didn't know how to tell my mom that I didn't get the job, but when I went home that day, she already figured it out. She said that there will always be another job and that she won't love me any less just because I failed to secure that job. Her words gave me the courage to apply for another job - weeks after - at the company close to my previous employer. Weeks passed, and I was feeling hopeless, especially when one of the applicants received a message that she landed the job, but then I didn't. So, with all the courage that's left, I reached out to the recruiter and asked if I passed their assessment. YES. I passed, and for no reason, they didn't know why I didn't received the message. Luckily, I was brave enough to ask and follow through. I got the job. I was hired. It was a fresh start.

Weeks after, during nesting period, I received a call from my previous employer. They were asking if I can re-consider my employment with them. They said I won't need to go through the nesting phase and that I will be getting a permanent post right away. I just need to say yes to their offer. It was 3 days away from our nesting graduation and then this offer was presented. How convenient.

So, I stayed an agent for a month. But NO - I did not accept the offer from my previous employer. I stayed in my current company and was fortunate to pass nesting period. I stayed an agent for a month not because I was terminated or that I resigned, I was promoted to an SME (Subject Matter Expert) role. To this day, whenever I passed the building of where I previously work, I'm still asking myself how my life would be if I said yes to that generous offer. But that remains as a thought, a rhetorical question in mind. 

And that was 3 years ago. Now, I'm a sales supervisor, still in the same company who accepted me. I could have said yes to the offer from my previous company but I stayed committed to my current workplace because while other companies stick to their target metrices and by-the-book standards, here's a company who accepted me and opened the door of opportunities even if I was not the top agent there is. While other companies dump you for lacking 0.64  points on the passing score, here's a company who is willing to see the potential you have and value your work ethics because at the end of the day, while number speaks volume in this industry, still, only a few stay dedicated and committed. 

I think what really helped me decide that day, is that old advice: "If you're halfway sure, forget it. If you're sure, think again." For without it, I wouldn't be who and where I am now. My mom was right, there will always be another job, another place where you won't have to force yourself, you just need to be strong because one day, you will thank yourself for not giving up.