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Why I chose to be Single at my teenage years?


     A lot of teenagers are already engaging in a romantic relationship, they are committed at their young age. I see no problem with that, it's their life, their choice.

       In my circle of friends, we are 5 girls, four of us have a boyfriend and two of them already have a kid and children. And guess what? I am the only one who never got to a serious committed romantic relationship. No boyfriend Since Birth. Why? 

      There are some boys that could be possible to be my boyfriend. I entertained them, but not that long. Don't get me wrong but I fell in love already and I liked a bunch of boys! 

But sorry, it is my choice to be single in this moment of my life.

Yeah being in a relationship feels so good, but so being single.

* I ALWAYS have free food! I always do third wheeling to my friends' date. 

* I can go wherever I want without worrying if my boyfriend will allow me. Coz basically, i don't have one.

* I can flirt with anyone i want. 

* Less heartbreak.

* I can wear any OOTD  I want without having the need to ask for permission from that someone.

* “Me time” is so good. Having the time to eat alone in restaurants, food courts, fast food chains. Go to the mall alone, walk and observe the surroundings alone.

    There are a lot of perks why I chose to be single. These are just a few. I have the time to learn from other's experiences, and I've learned a lot already. I realized what I deserved, I have time to get to know myself deeper. To understand my own shortcomings. Understand who really I am. I became a strong independent woman. I learned to appreciate and love myself more before someone would. It's an amazing feeling to explore the world with the person we love, but I'm telling you, exploring the world and discovering new things all by yourself will give a different impact to us. I can't explain it clearly, but I can feel it really well. 

    I’m encouraging you to be single in your teenage years and if possible even in your mid 20’s. I’m encouraging you, but I’m not discouraging you not to be committed with someone you love. At the end of the day, it is your choice.


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