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Agatha De Borja

Here Is My Recommended Disney Christmas Playlist For You!

       Here is a YouTube playlist that I would love to share to everyone. Previously I wrote about my own favorite go-to Christmas song ever with #MYFAVORITECHRISTMASSONG and described the reason why it is my favorite. If you also want to read it, go to my profile and search for the article which is the hashtag itself. There was also a VHS that demonstrates a series of music videos of these songs that I shared about especially my favorite song "Here Comes Santa Claus" in the previous article. 

       Recently, I just discovered that someone uploaded this video on YouTube about three years ago. This is just the short version of the entire VHS but it's still worth watching and listening to it. It's the link that I posted above. In my personal opinion, nothing can truly compare to the Disney version of Christmas songs 1988. What are you waiting for? I swear watch and listen to the whole thing. The moment that I just ended this article, I kept going back and listening to it all again...It was just getting nostalgic and more nostalgic every time I go back to it..

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