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What's wrong with my resume?

Question 1: Sir, I posted my resume on jobsites, six months ago, but I have still not got a job. What should I do? Please Advise.

Answer: Let's get the basics right. The purpose of a resume is not to find you a job but to find you an interview.

Please note that 75% of the companies use the hiring software tool that screens resumes and flushes them out.

So 70% of the resumes don't even meet the recruiter's eye if they're not optimized and compliant.

If your resume is not performing the function that is supposed to perform, then it obviously got some very serious defects in it.

Seek for professional help. Identify problems with your resume. Have it reviewed. Redo it and then repost it.

-Roshan Nisar 
(from LinkedIn)


  • Hot Mama
    Jan 21, 2021 15:09