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My friend's boss yelled at him in front of the entire office, humiliating him.
Because he was 13 minutes late to work.
"If you're late again, you won't have a job."
He wasn't even given a chance to explain himself. My friend wanted to yelled back, but bit his tongue, he needed the income.

Over six months working at the company, it was the only time he had ever been late.
On multiple occasions, he had even take her work home or stayed late to prove his dedication.
During his lunch break he texted me: "I'm looking for another job, let's talk later."

That's how fast loyalty can be destroyed.
Had his boss cared enough to ask why he was late, he would have known about his very recent divorce and new found heart complications.

Now, my friend will never stay late or take work home again.
He will give his bare minimum effort until he secures another position.

PEOPLE LEAVE BECAUSE OF POOR LEADERSHIP, to go where they may be heard and appreciated.
Appreciation is more powerful than we think.
It can change someone's day.
Or it can change their life.

--Shanee Moret (from LinkedIn)


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    Jan 21, 2021 15:09
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