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What To Expect? BS in Computer Engineering Edition"

What is Bs in Computer Engineering?
The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CpE) is a five-year program that is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. The curriculum provides students with a foundation in basic science, mathematics, software, and engineering. It covers topics on how to design a microprocessor and develop embedded systems that are used in desktops or handheld devices. The program also equips students with the ability to analyze, plan, design, install, operate and maintain digital devices, computer hardware, and software systems. 

Subjects and Curriculum

Discrete Mathematics
Computer Engineering as a Discipline
Fundamentals of Mixed Signals and Sensors
Computer Engineering Drafting and Design
Programming Logic and Design
Data Structures and Algorithms
Software Design
Logic Circuits and Design
Data Communications
Operating Systems
Methods of Research

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Computer Engineering may pursue a career path in various development and manufacturing companies or government agencies that needs specialized Computer Engineering services. They may apply for roles such as a software developer, test engineers, computer programmer, support specialist, robotics control systems engineer, electrical designer, quality assurance manager, and systems analyst.

What To Expect?

This is a very challenging course which teaches all about computers, software, hardware, internet, systems, programming, etc. The course taught me how to handle and operate the different features of a computer and the internet. There were more hours devoted to learning about the systems and programming.

The subject of Calculus and Physics were a bit difficult. The subject I enjoyed most was Programming. I passed all the subjects. I did not know if others failed.

To succeed in this course one must be analytical and attentive to the instructors when it involves the subjects of systems and programming which are the basics for computer engineering. One must always have the good outlook towards studies and life in general.

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