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Agatha De Borja

What Can We Learn From The 2004 Film "The Stepford Wives"?

     The Stepford Wives is based on a 1975 sci-fi horror film. The title of the original 1970s film was exactly the same. In 2004, the film got revived. This time it was a mixture of comedy and sci-fi. The movie featured Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Glenn Close, Roger Bart, and David Marshall Grant. At the beginning of the movie, Joanna (Nicole Kidman), a wildly successful president of a TV network, got fired from the company itself. After that, she got a nervous breakdown. Because of what happened, his husband (Matthew Broderick), who worked in the same company, resigned. As a way to forget the problems and to move forward with their lives, her husband Walter decided to move with the family from the city to the most wonderful, paradise, perfect suburb and a new home in Connecticut called Stepford. Stepford consists of big and picture-perfect houses, a perfect environment, and a perfect lifestyle.

     As the family drove around the town before the arrival in their new house, Joanna noticed some perfect picture looking women on the streets dressed in the 50s style. Several days after Joanna and her family moved there, she sensed over there that something is not right about the town that she was in. While her husband Walter was able to adjust, Joanna couldn't adjust to the manicured picture-perfect environment as well as to the 200x perfect wives. Soon, she attempted to uncover the secrets. It turns out that every woman of Stepford was turned into a robot. Every new Stepford woman was taken into a secret mansion and then inside the room like a ritual and turn the woman into a robot. The way it works is that each person is inserted inside a machine and then around 4 chips would be implanted in the brain. All the wives turned into robots so that the husbands wouldn't experience the nagging, annoying, and imperfect personalities of their wives anymore. As a result, the husband became the dominion and the control of their wives and at home. The job of the Stepford wives is to be submissive, to follow all the commands of their husbands without hesitation, and to clean the house like slaves. It worked even when some husbands were lazy. The job of the robotic wives is to be the perfect picture wives in general.  Joanna survived the case because her husband still chose the same wife over perfection. Joanna and her husband saved all the women by destroying the secret lab. Thus, all the women have turned back to normal. I cannot spoil the rest of the datails. I suggest that you look up and watch the full movie online for free. The moral lesson that we could learn from the film is that we should not deny the imperfection and flaws of every single individual. As humans, we could learn from this film that we must accept each other's flaws and love each other unconditionally. As long as there are unconditional love and room for communication to resolve issues in marriages, everything is still going to work out. Allow the people to be who they are and let them become the best version of themselves. Perfection is not needed in women and men in order for the relationships to function. There is also an emphasis of gender norms. Once again, I truly recommend watching this movie.

Photo Credit: Talkhouse