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Kyotie Pie

PS5 review: The future of console gaming is here

The PS5 is finally here, and it truly feels like a generational leap for console gaming. With its powerful graphics tech and wildly innovative DualSense controller, Sony’s new console allows for a level of immersion that simply wasn’t possible on previous consoles. The system’s lightning-fast SSD is a literal game changer, loading games in mere seconds — and in some cases, providing new ways to interact with them. 

However, as we discovered in our PS5 review, Sony's speedy next-gen system does have its drawbacks. The system’s absolutely massive chassis is a bit inelegant, and may prove to be a pain for those with limited space. The new PS5 interface is beautiful and fast, but it feels a little barebones at the moment. And with many of the PS5’s key games available on PS4, the verdict is still out on whether or not you need to upgrade right away.