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Rannell Coñesco

TWICE's special concept photos for 'Eyes Wide Open' captures netizens' hearts AKP STAFF

TWICE's 'never seen before' concept photos for their full-length album 'Eyes Wide Open' had netizens buzzing. 

On October 31st, a post on a popular online community gained attention for posting scanned concept photos of TWICE from their album 'Eyes Wide Open'. The girls have never embodied this retro concept on stage nor in previously released teasers or M/Vs. Hence, netizens were excited to see them rocking retro styles. 

Netizens commented: "Mina pulls off classy concept like no one else."

"Omg, I can't believe JYPE didn't release this gem."

"Why would you make this concept exclusive to the album buyers? We want more. Don't be shy."

"Can we pls see this concept on stage? Thank you."

"Everyone is so stunning and gorgeous. I'm speechless."


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