• Good News


I always believe that whatever hurdles we face, we can overcome it.

My greatest fear is to go out of my comfort zone.  As an introvert, My energy easily gets drained when I face stressful situations. That's why I always play safe because I don't want to be criticized or get humiliated. 

But, when I entered university and choose the field of education, I realize that I can overcome my fear. I joined various organizations that taught me to become braver. I was able to go out of my comfort zone and realize that fear is normal. We feel afraid because we are human. We are afraid not because of the new opportunity. We are afraid of how we will respond to it. 

And if you haven't overcome your fear, you can do it by doing one step at a time. Do not force yourself. Take it easy. Do it little by little and one day you will wake up realizing that you have already overcome your fears.