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Hello, It’s Anime Feels. I want to share to all of you. What is my favorite food? It’s Tuyo or Fried Fish rather. 

In our country, tuyo is the most affordable and delicious food for me. People say tuyo is for poor people only. I get that. I came for poor family and I don’t here to brag it but I am proud to be poor and I won’t deny or ashamed for what food I eat. 

I appreciate this food, because of tuyo, we survived. It may be poor to others, but for us it’s our favorite food. It may be shame to others eating this food. But for us. It’s blessing. Every food is a blessing, every food deserves to eat. I appreciate it.

I want to thank also to God for giving us blessings, food, shelter and everything. I won’t be ashamed for eating TUYO.

I am proud, I am blessed. Thank you ❤️


  • Kyungg
    Oct 25, 2020 23:25
    I love tuyo especially for breakfast. Or for dinner in a rainy evening, along with noodles. Ugh. Why's this week topic is about food😂 The posts are making me crave😂