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Lumpiang Shanghai is the Revolution #MYFAVORITEFOOD

It's the gem of every party. It would be the first thing every party goer pros would spot on. It's every party thieves' main target. It's mostly the reason behind party gate crashing. Not only for parties actually! It's almost in every event.
Birthdays. Christening. Debut. Funerals. Death Anniversary. Name it!

Indeed, Lumpiang Shanghai even paved its  own way on the cyberworld and become subject of many memes. Cause honestly, who wouldn't love a crispy and savory Lumpiang Shanghai? Even before it made its name on social medias, I have already fallen for it. It's just irresistable and addictive.

Lumpiang Shanghai is a well-known Filipino deep fried appetizer, and yes, it originated from the Philippines despite its misleading name "Shanghai" that sounds very Chinese. It is even actually the most basic type of lumpia in Filipino cuisines since we have many variant recipes of lumpia. The actual lumpia dish in general is of Chinese Filipino origin brought over by migrants from Fujian. Lumpiang Shanghai, considered one of its variant, was named that way because of its resemblance to Chinese cuisines. Lumpiang Shanghai consists mixtures of ground pork ( giniling ), with some carrot chunks and other spices like parsley, pepper and onion, then wrapped with an egg crepe also known as lumpia wrapper. To seal the crepe, it is advised to use a beaten egg. It is then to be fried in a medium heat pan waiting for it to achieve your desired crisp. Although it is known as appetizer, the food is really flexible. It can also be a viand, partnered with rice, or a merienda, knownly an afternoon snack!

You can eat Lumpiang Shanghai as it is, crispy and dry, or dip it in sauce or vinegar. Sauces can be banana ketchup, garlic mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce. Shanghai can be partnered with mostly any other dish and can also be a very convenient snack as it can be made into shorter and smaller pieces fit for a finger food!

No wonder it is one of the most ubiquitous Filipino dish for it can easily steal the hearts of many. It is even advisable for diet meal plans since lumpiang shanghai can also have its sub variant. You can have your own version of more healthy mixture of its fillings as long as the original fillings are there. 

Aside from lumpiang shanghai almost being a wonder food, the process of making it is also fun. Since it is very easy to make, you can do it with your friends and family to spend bonding time. Perhaps, plan a simple picnic after or an exciting movie marathon.

Moreover, Lumpiang Shanghai can be  profitable as it can be made into simple business which you can also establish with friends and family. It comes with an affordable  capital that can be sold for retail, along your neighborhood and street, or bulk order for occasions since the packing could be very convenient. 

Lumpiang Shanghai is the Filipino cuisine that surely will not go out of style and be loved more by people while creating a happy memory. It can simply remind you of a meme, or a precious bonding moment with a loved one, or it will just really makes you happy because of its satisfying taste!


To my fellow Lumpia Shanghai fanatics...I know y'all sneaked some at parties! Lol. Stay safe and Godbless everyone!šŸ’–