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To Err is Human

While I was searching for ways to find an income online, I came across a promo or should I say a giveaway for a secondhand phone which the owner would be giving as a token of appreciation for his Twitter followers. But before you win, you have to answer a question. And the one with the best answer will win the phone. And the question was, how do you forgive someone who has done you wrong?

Yes I know it is really easy to just say, forgive the person and eventually you'll be back to normal again as friends. But it doesn't work that way always. Some mistakes are really so hard to forgive. And some mistakes are obviously intentional. But how do you forgive? What are the ways of forgiving someone? Would it be enough to just accept the apology?

Some time ago, a close friend of mine accused me of being a theft. That experience literally changed my life onwards. It hurts so deep to think that a close friend of yours would make such accusation, when all those years, we have come to know each other so well. I suddenly became a stranger to him. And all the succeeding years, I have made it a habit not to be so close again to any of my friends. I still feel the pain until now. And after all the prayers I have made to God, I still find it so hard to let go of the pain.

So how do you forgive?

Maybe time will be the answer. Time heals all wounds they say. But you need to learn something from every experience. Yes, to err is human. But forgiving is not necessary for us, as only fate will be the other deciding factor of when and how you've finally escaped all the hatred we feel inside.

Always remember the golden rule. Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

God Bless everyone!!!