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Tinder and Filipino Cupid are seen as the most respectable online dating services

It’s safe to say that online dating is now mainstream in the Philippines and online dating is an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Tinder and Filipino Cupid are the clear favourites in the Philippines, both scoring among the highest for both fame and respectability. Overall, more than six in ten respondents have heard of these services. Tinder has the best reputation among those who have ever used online dating services, with 53% saying that it is considered respectable. Just 15% consider to be not respectable, giving it a net score of +38 – the highest among all apps featured in the survey.

The services that are least well recognised among all respondents are also seen as the least respectable among those who have used online dating services, suggesting that popularity is key to success in the Filipino market.

Online dating is worth $2.2 billion in America alone, and Tinder boasts 26 million matches a day. With half of all Filipinos that have used online dating services willing to pay for premium features, internet dating has done more in recent years than just shake off its stigma.


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