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Half of Filipinos have used internet dating

One of the founding ideas of the internet was its potential to eradicate isolation, and yet some people claim it has achieved the opposite. In terms of romance the story is more promising – it might never have been easier to find a date, and as social stigma around internet dating fades there's every reason to believe the trend will continue.

71% of Filipinos know at least one couple who met online

New YouGov research reveals the scale of the phenomenon in the Philippines. Indeed, half of all Filipinos have used internet and online dating apps. This rises to 56% among millennials.

Yet four in ten (41%) millennials also say they would be embarrassed to admit that they had met their partner through online dating/apps. A quarter (24%) of baby boomers say the same. However, two-thirds (66%) of all respondents say they would not think of a couple that met online any differently.

Most (71%) know at least one couple who have met this way. While three-quarters of millennials know at least one couple who met online, six in ten (59%) baby boomers do.


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