• Good News

This is because of the Pandemic...

We do admit that this pandemic clearly ain't that good for us, or is it? Hmm? Historically speaking this pandemic is not the first pandemic that humanity have faced and we all know that our ancestors survived. At that time most people also thought that it's already the end of the world but life goes on. And now here we are facing this giant enemy of mankind and our first weapon is strict protocols. Our leaders provided this rules such as wearing a face mask, social distancing and lockdown because of this there are positive and negative effects. Aside from negative effects such as anxiety, etc.. Let's focus on the positive effects of this pandemic,

#1 - Nature
Pollution is a big problem since then, now the domino effect of a lockdown is the revival of our Mother Nature. In Venice, Italy dolphins came back and the pollution in our environment has rapidly decreased. Hopefully after this pandemic humanity should do this maybe once a month. What do you think? Please comment down below on what are your thoughts about doing a lockdown once a month after this pandemic.

#2 - Business
This is a bit controversial because a lot of business gets shutdown because of the pandemic however people do strive to live that's why there are lots of opportunities came out such as delivery, online selling, online teaching and online marketing. For those people who are determined and strived to live this is a big break for them.

#3 - Unity
There's a saying that "no man is an island" and this pandemic demonstrates that, we really need the help of other people. And this situation pushes each one of us give help for the people in need. It's heart touching to see humanity came together to beat this Giant challenge that we're facing right now. Hopefully this harmony will continue even after this pandemic.

There are a lot of reasons to be happy even without this pandemic, I hope that this will open up our minds to look on the brighter side of our daily lives.

Thankyou for reading this i hope this would lighten up your faith that everything will always be alright. God bless.


  • Eduard
    Feb 07, 2021 19:40
    Yeah. This pandemic has a big impact on our life but right life must go on. And be thankful that we still survive.