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Agatha De Borja


             My personal favorite art is music. Why is it my favorite? Music is everywhere we go. Music gives life meaning in a lot of ways. 
Every time we avoid boredom, we play music or even listen to it with earphones. Listening to it is listening to art. At some point, we are attached to songs that we can either relate to or move us. Personally, I create music as well as sing. I play instruments such as clarinet, electric piano, and flute. I also love the musical art that is done by others whether they come from classical music, pop, and other genres. I honestly like to listen to myself play the clarinet to different songs. That's the art of music. Long live the human art of music! 


  • Eduard
    Feb 07, 2021 18:37
    I agree listening to music can change our move and escape us from the reality.