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I have posted here about my 3 Love Male Korean Actors.  In this post, I would like to share why my first and forever Love will be Kim Nam Gil. 

Yes, Kim Nam Gil is my first and forever Love. It is not a kind of Love that I want to be his "Lover". It's a kind of love that I'll always support him in every role he plays, in everything that he does. He is the first actor ever that I never felt "He doesn't fit the role" or I felt "he is trying hard". Honestly, every role he plays perfectly fits him.

So I want to give brief personal information about him. Kim Nam-Gil was born on March 13, 1980. He started his career in 1999 he first uses a screen name, Lee Han. He is an actor, film producer, director, singer, and philanthropist. He was first known here in the Philippines as "Bidam" in the series "Queen Seondeok ". It was aired here on January 4, 2010, on one of our local channels GMA7.  Then there goes other movies and series like "Live up your name" and the "Fiery Priest". 

But behind those acting and singing, Kim Nam-Gil is the CEO of  Gilstory. Culture and Arts NGO'Gilstory' was launched on April 8, 2013, and is a global culture and arts social platform that creates the value of cultural sharing. It is a non-profit private organization. Over 100 cultural artists gather to create public interest activities and cultural and art contents and are making a path to spread the value of sharing.

Gilstory "The story of the people I met along the way". I was so curious about what this is all about and when I was able to read the details I was so amazed. I know that a lot of artists and idols are extending their hands to the people who are in need. Doing charity. But this "Gilstory" hits me. This is about a person who would like to know each and everyone's culture and history. This person would like to not just extend his hand, donate, and helped but actually, he would like to listen. He would like to break the entire wall that separates races,  where there are rich people and poor people. This person dreams of a place where every human being is equal. 

''I want to share more of the feeling that someone can help you if you're in trouble, and that you 're not alone." - Kim Nam-Gil.

While reading the Gilstory -About, it touches my heart. I personally questioned. why life seems so unfair. There are rich people and there are poor. There are Educated and uneducated. I always think that "Why can't we be equal?" and the elder's answer is "To balance the world".  Even natural disasters that took so many lives. Ruin so many lives. Making people living so hard. 

"I learned'sincerity' that there is only love that transcends borders and races. And that this is my least responsibility for the'influence' given to me. At least I remembered my childhood dream that I wanted to make sure that all children live without knowing the word'poverty' ".  - Kim Nam-Gil

Helping might always be like, donations. Giving money. But, being there for those people, hearing their thoughts, and understanding their struggle is an emotional help that each and everyone needs. 
It is a kind of help that will be forever warm our hearts. The feeling of being heard and knowing that somebody is willing to listen.

I pray that this organization will grow and more people will be heard. More people will be part of the path you walk.

"Art can't save poverty, but it can comfort it. Through the arts and culture that Gilstory will create, I hope that the poor will have rich hearts, and the poor will have rich materials." - Gilstory

To know more about Gilstory just go to this link ------> http://gil-story.com/html_file.php?file=sec01_gilstory_k_sub01.html&file2=sec01_gilstory_k_default.html 
Just have the website translate from Korean to English :) Hope you'll be inspired too.