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A Filipino vlogger, Ivana Alawi, inspired lots of netizens with a heartwarming prank on strangers on the streets.

Ivana Alawi, one the most followed Filipino vlogger, stunned and inspired netizens with her new YouTube vlog content as she's come up for a prank for random people on the street. She dressed as a homeless person while holding a note that says "Tulong lang po pamasahe para makauwi na ako sa Baguio pls po." or in English, "Help me with my fare so I can go home to Baguio". 
The role she created for the vlog was named as "Inday", who was stranded in the City of Manila and have a desperate need of funds to return to Baguio. Each peso offered to Inday by strangers was granted with P1000 in cash in return for their kindness. At least ten people approached her and gave her needs. She gave each of these good people who helped her P2,000, P5,000, P10,000, and P20,000.

But the last random person who approached Inday was the most thoughtful one and even made the vlogger cry. He gave her P20 and food even though he also needs it. 

The vlog showed that those in need themselves can also be the ones that are most likely to support others. The elderly man wept as well since he had not expected to be given so much money for simply assisting others.