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The honor student

It is hard to make yourself an honor student in your class. It will take more effort and sacrifices to finish every task you need to do in order for you to get this title. 
Most of us think that when you are an honor student, you're smart. Most of the people look at us as geniuses. In that case, some of the kids were being compared, "her son is better than you", "her daughter is smarter than you." That's when the time that they silently kill us using their words. Giving us the pressure to maintain these things in order for them to be proud of us and in order for us to earn their respect to us. 

However, even if this culture of them continues, we should be at least on each other's side. We should cheer each other's up and support each other's skills and capabilities. We all have our own strengths. We all know how hard it is to make our parents proud of us. We all know the struggles each and everyone needs to face. 

Not having an Honor title in school doesn't define your capabilities to succeed in life. It doesn't and will never hinder you from being successful and stable in life. it will just help you to have a good image in every company that you're planning to apply to. But not having this title is not a failure. I know and everyone knows how hard you try to make your parents proud. Your efforts and sacrifices are appreciated. 

It will always take time to earn things such as respect and happiness, as well as making your parents proud. But as long as you're working hard on it. You will get it. And by that time, you will look back to the old you that suffers through the time, smiling and saying that you did it. You just have to fight along. Never look at yourself low. 

Just keep on going and know that you will be that person in the future. May I know your dream profession? Leave a comment below. Me? I want to ATTY. LG PsyD in the future. How about you?