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Hard working self.

What are your inspirations to work hard and thrive?

Well, Most of us will say that we work hard and thrive for the better of our future, for our family and such.

Allow me to share this story to you. 

There is an eighteen years old girl who seeks part-time jobs just to support her education and her family. Well, they're not poor, they're not wealthy too. They can eat three times a day, her parents have jobs that pay them fairly. Definitely, a middle profile family. However, they still face problems and shortcomings in their life.  This eighteen years old girl saw this things and she even saw how her parents suffer in budgeting. She witnessed that when she was eight years old. From that moment, she promised herself that she will never be a burden, that she will find ways to help her parents in every possible way. She used her talents in writing and joining contests to earn money and give it to her parents. She even tried online jobs that she saw just to earn money. She wants to alleviate the worries of her parents. But despite working hard, her efforts aren't enough. They still have shortcomings sometimes because of the bills and other necessities they need.  

However, this girl never gives up on doing her best to help her parents.  She always seeks guidance from the heavenly father to help her. 

Just like this young girl, we should not give up on the things we want. Helping, dreaming, studying, and such. We should always do our very best to continue thriving for the better. 

I know that you're working hard because you have a dream. You should not stop from doing that. You should always know that there is someone you can call amidst of your battle. Life goes on, your dream for yourself in the future must be yours. And just like this girl, look unto your inspiration for you to not give up.

Someday, you will never just dream but you will enjoy living in that dream of yours. Always know whom you should call so that you can find the strength to keep on fighting. (the heavenly father)