• Personal Stories

Micseb Ferrer

The Girl who made me leave Seminary

     I was scared. Full of doubts roaming all over my head, struggled to make a wise decision if it would be worth it.  Will she be worth it?

     It was a great year inside Maria Assumpta Seminary. One of the well-known schools of excellency in terms of Academic field and strengthening one's self to become a priest in the near future in Cabanatuan City.We were having a celebration at the refectory together with Berchmans (our family name as a team for intrams) toasting chuckies and dutch milks 'cause softdrinks aren't sold in canteen with curves in our faces rememorating how difficult we trained and disciplined ourselves to become the Champion. After a while, we settled ourselves 'cause the mass was about to start soon. Succeeding the whole friday, meeting deadlines and dealing with breakdowns as well as homesickness finally we got to spend the weekend in a place where nothing feels like, our homes, together with our families. It was satisfying carrying two hampers filled with my dirty and creased used clothes down to the lobby waiting for my mom to pick me up. To see her and my family leaps my heart in joy. My dog vaguely remembered me.

     Saturday, making the most of it playing basketball with my homies and watching movies with a good food to eat sums up to be worth calling a day. I woke up early in the morning wore my school uniform 'cause we were required to when serving masses. It went smooth with my co-servers which turned to be my friends and as the communion started I was beside the priest holding the communion plate with sincere eyes and stabled feet. The girl who last received the body of Christ captured my heart. She made it beat so fast. Her presence just wanted me to stand all day at the front of the altar holding the plate for her. I somehow lost my focus. I don't know what makes this girl unique from others. The mass soon ended, good thing I got my friends' back and the balls to simply talk and invite her to audition for the upcoming role for Mother Mary in the  Christmas season. She said that she would think of it. But her response already made me loose hope 'cause most of the times people tell the same stuff so that they won't be bothered. 

     As time passed by, the day for the awaiting event has come. As the act swiftly continues I never expected to see her playing the role of Mary. I was in deep shock and trembled where I sat. We stayed in touch with each other after that 'cause of course I asked for her number and account name in Facebook. She never failed to update me every week when I was inside unable to use phone 'cause it is prohibited. We went out every time I have my homeleave and free days.  We became closer to each other and learned the things we have in similar and our characteristics. Little by little, I fell in love with her. Her simplicity, attitude and the smile that makes me giggle are the things I love about her. Soon enough, we became together hiding our status  revealing only to my closest dawgs. I always think of her every night and it came to a point where I already want to go out and transfer to another school just to be with her. Several months have passed it bacame more difficult to hold our relationship because of numerous distractions outside. She made me choose. I was unfocused the whole week thinking the right thing to do because I don't want to leave my parents hanging and be such a disappointment. But, I also don't want to let go of her. She fills up my day and inspires me to be better. Finally, I made a choice. I woke up.  Her name was dream. I had a tough and good times with her for 8 hours in a quiet night inside the Seminary.