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Dr. Stone

Senkū Ishigami - a 16 yrs old genius is the first one who got revived after being petrified in 3,700 yrs from a mysterious light. 

Later on, He learned that he can revive others using nitric acid from a cave.  After fomulating a compound that can save others, He begins in reviving his friend taijū okí,  Yuzuriha Ogawa and the famous martial artist Tsukasa Oshishiô and they strive to rebuild civilization by using science. 

But tsukasa opposes Senkū,  He doesn't want to revive the adults because of their tainted way of living and decided to destroy any petrified adults in order to prevent them from getting revival. 

The conflict between them arises resulting to a war between Senkū's kingdom of science and tsukasa's empire.. 


You can learn so much about science here!! Its also fun knowing how senkū build things just from scratch.  :)