• Good News

Justine Seprado


I am DR-1379 from Davao City, Philippines, I have that code name because I am infected by COVID-19 last August 3, 2020. It was my grandma who was the first one that turned out to be covid positive in our barangay and I and my mom was the next. Later on my elder brother, father, and younger brother got infected too. That struggle that we've face was for me the most  difficult because we got sick and got discriminated and the worst part was the death of my grandma. We were so devastated at that time knowing we can't do anything because we were infected too and it was very sad that one of my family turned to ash. Despite of these I am still glad, happy, and victorious because most of us got recovered and right now continuing life and living it with a full extent. We must not give up on whatever problem and struggles that life will brought to us and we must fight always even if we are caught unarmed. Just be strong always and pray. Be happy and optimistic always!


  • ObsidianRose
    Oct 19, 2020 01:55
    Cheering for your recovery from Tarlac! Thank you for inspiring us with your strength. May God be with you always.