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Kristine Lusoc

Student Hack - take down notes EASILY

Taking down notes is a very hassle thing to do, especially if your teacher is a fast-paced person. It is a multi-tasking job. You need to listen to the teacher well, and on the other hand, you need to take down notes. So, how do we lessen the stress of this multi-tasking job? Google Docs is your friend.
First is to go to google docs. Then, create a blank document. After that, under "Tools", select "Voice Typing" or just simply press Ctrl+Shift+S.
Next, you will see a microphone icon at the upper left corner of your new document. Press that icon and it will start typing what your teacher is discussing. You can also play any video, and it will take down notes for you.

I hope this will help lessen the stress and make you focus more on learning!  


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