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Story Behind The Creed Guy

In the blogosphere, the name or pertains to us a domain name is the self-image of the blogsite's owner. But have you ever wondered what "The Creed Guy" stands for or where it came from?

I'm sure that everybody is familiar with Creed, a rock band that was mainstream in the '90s. And I'm confident that everyone will associate it with my blog.

Because I've been studying in a Catholic school from secondary to tertiary level, the word Creed is very familiar to me because it is prayed during the holy rosary. 

The name comes from the word 'The Creed,' which mean in Catholic term for a confession of faith, symbol, or statement of faith. And while the meaning of "Guy" refers to me as a man who believes in God.

And I'm grateful that the name is still available on the market and that no one is using it. But I still don't have the right or authority to use it because it could be possible to be taken away from me at any time. Since I still need it to pay annually, the most important thing is that I'm the first person to use it.

So that's the story behind the name "The Creed Guy," a man of faith, words, and God's believer.

To learn more about The Creed Guy, kindly visit my blog at www.thecreedguy.com.