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Stop Making Stupid People Famous

As our technology grows in our modern era, it is becoming easier and accessible for everyone to posts on any different platforms that we have. To share their stories, for quotes and motivations, to share awareness, and as well as toxic influencers who make their audiences dumb with their "contents."

Social media is a vital part of our daily lives nowadays, as it is used to communicate at the same time to our loved ones who are not with us at the moment. However, social media and other platforms can be toxic sometimes, and we cannot avoid having toxic people and influencers in our timeline.

Either the content is good or bad, publicity is still publicity, and it is counted as a way of income for influencer no matter how trashy and a waste of time their contents are. That is why, most influencers are willing to be bash and humiliate, as well as marking down their dignity. Because the more hate they get, as it gives attention for you to watch, like, comment, and share their contents, equals more income for them because of the views.

And the stupidity doesn't only belong to them, it is on you too. Because you are watching, sharing, and spreading hate to the community. The only aim of these influencers is to make their audience dumb and idiots. By a simple sharing of their contents, you are supporting them and their contents no matter how nonsense and blether the contents are.

There are other creators and influencers out there who are good for your mental health and posting good and with real substance content. As well, some of them are educating their audiences too, of what is right and what is to unlearn of what topic and subject they are talking about. These creators and influencers are the ones who deserve to shine and to be in the spotlight, to be noticed by such a huge audience.

Let's always think thoroughly of who are the influencers we are supporting. Think twice before viewing and sharing their contents. Because with a simple share, specifically if the contents have no substance, you are spreading hate and negativity in the lives of other people. A piece of simple advice to end this, don't be gullible and foolish with these cancers in social media.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨


  • Eduard
    Nov 23, 2020 10:08
    I do agree on this statement. Everyone should wake up and realise that person is not worth to support.