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Rannell Coñesco

Star Wars Is Now Doing A Better Sequel Trilogy Than The Movies

It’s no secret that the Star Wars sequel trilogy was divisive among fans, but with the coming release of new shows on Disney+, it seems as though Star Wars is creating a new, better trilogy for fans. The Mandalorian is already a hit, and with Ahsoka and Rangers Of The New Republic coming soon, Star Wars fans are in for the trilogy they have been waiting for.

When Star Wars announced the release of the sequel trilogy, fans were excited, and more than a little nervous. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was true to the heart of Star Wars, but The Last Jedi and Rise Of Skywalker moved in very new directions that left many fans disappointed. While they were not bad movies, and many fans loved them, they proved unpopular among many others, splitting the community between these two factions. The prequel trilogy was also the center of much loathing upon release, but further down the line, the general consensus has become that the prequels were underrated. The sequel trilogy, however, moves away from the original trilogy and feels like its own entity, leading those who felt it discredited the franchise to dislike it even further. However, Disney+ may be able to mend this rift by creating what is practically a new trilogy that takes place after the events of The Return Of The Jedi.