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"Small but Inspirable Man"

Our event is just around the corner and we are pleased to introduce to you one of our hardworking and thriving aspirants. 

Mr. Paulo David, owner of WINGS to Go, was a former pedicab driver. Due to the pandemic, he lost his main source of income, and this urged him to find other means to support his family. 

Even before lockdown, he was already selling different food items like siopao, siomai, bread, and gulaman. But when he saw the potential of selling food online, he decided to open WINGS to Go that sells chicken wings paired with java rice. 

With his hardwork and growing passion in cooking,  his products are gradually becoming a hit, and he is now offering "Wings sa Bilao." 

He is one of the entreprenuers whose businesses we would help flourish in these trying times. To get to know more about WINGS to Go, you may also visit their page: 

WINGS to Go: