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Nelson G

Sleepless nights #STR

I bet some of you had a lot of sleepless nights wherein you don't know why you can't sleep or it seems that you are bothered by someone or something.  Some people say that it is because of some unfinished business or works that need to be completed within a day and others say that it is because your mind is working so fast or something.

In the scientific study, this is where insomnia comes into play, though there are similarities in terms of symptoms still you really need to consult and have an expert diagnose it to ensure that we are not missing anything and to prevent some assumptions.  

There are a lot of explanations all over the internet about having sleepless nights but for me, the only explanation I have is because I am worried about our fellowmen especially those who are affected by the super typhoon rolly, seeing those families who lost their hard-earned houses, as well as their livelihood, saddens me and I can't help but think a lot of things to help, 

I already launch my very own page to help and I hope everyone does the same let's help one another and God will do the rest.  Keep safe