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Relationship respect: Why does this matter?

Regardless of whether you're searching for a relationship or a marriage, consideration is a vital element for your partnership.

Esteem in relationships generates feelings of contentment, confidence and affection. Therefore, in any kind of relationship, respect is very necessary.

One of the most desirable features of an individual is respectfulness. Since not everyone will politely handle others. In every step of your relationship an individual who values, respect will always treat you with respect. If you're only in the process of beginning or are in the long run.

Some people may love their partner that they don't even like the way there they treats them. To the point that they are not honored. "I love you," will easily tell your partner, but he can always treat you poorly. Misrespect should be viewed as part of the partnership, as often long-term aggression may be contributed. 

This is why respect is a lot necessary in relationships:

• Opportunity for self-expression 

If you love, you can say freely that you do not fear your partner would judge you. Both admire the personality, differences, flaws and weaknesses of each other.

Without fear of being invalidated you may say what you think and feel and share your opinions and criticisms.

A respectful person would not force a person to change for his own sake. It means not embracing the wrong side or other side, but talking and understanding. Support each other to develop their personality and their relationship. If there's respect, you won't be afraid to say what you think and feel about your partner. It's a desire to chat about something that makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

It is important to have a safe space to express yourself more freely and to understand one another better. This will help lower fear and promote self-esteem for your partner. And that goes vice versa.

• Fighting is a chance to expand your bond

That's not an excuse for your partner to start a fight. The argument is, because of your difference it is natural to argue or fight in a relationship. It doesn't matter how compatible you may be. You both are from different cultures and have developed misunderstandings and disparities.

Each fight or dispute sometimes shows a different unknown side of our partners at the start of your relationship. And most of these are not so good, especially when we are the pinnacle of our emotions. But politely, even though you still listen and show restraint in a heated discussion.

You don't yell or badmouthing your partner, or you get aggressive just to unleash your frustrations into your argument. More than that, you don't talk about each other to demonstrate your approachability and domination. You both identify and address the cause of your fight and find ways to meet on the same basis rather than emphasize that the other individual is wrong and that you are right.

Misunderstanding is healthy if a relationship can be cultivated. You have always decided to continue and hang on to each other despite several disclosures. You feel happier and closer to your partner when you settle your battle. That is because, with respect, you have resolved your dispute. Understanding and recognition often lead to appreciation.

• You can express your wants, expectations and desires easily

Going back to your differences, even though you are "head over heels" to your partner, you can't presume that your partner's wants, expectations and wishes revolve around you.

Overture and truthful contact are conditional on appreciation. You don't fear to share your desires with your partner freely and openly and even if you are personal or unconnected. You listen and strive and help and encourage one another in order to satisfy their needs and desires.

The problem is that you cannot express your needs because you are afraid that they are not recognized at all. If you have to neglect your own needs to fulfill the needs of the other, then it becomes even worse. This must not be ignored, because this could lead to a serious problem in your relationship. Especially when in times of need one feels neglected and abandoned.

• Safety and security in your relationship

Respect is a good base for safety and security in the partnership. You feel appreciated if you are respected. You feel comfortable with your partner because you are both treated with worship and respect. You will never be humiliated or encouraged to disrespect yourself by your partner.

You are assured that even after certain misunderstandings and misunderstandings you can remain in the relationship. Or even after a struggle, because you feel that fighting is an opportunity to grow your relationship (see explanation 2).

It is always about the partnership that you think and feel individually or as a couple. You think about each other when taking a decision or doing something, even in small things, that could affect your relationship.

The partnership can still be destructed by too much passion, but without consideration. The equally relevant are love and appreciation. Love unites partnerships, but respect is the basis.

"In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find someone who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you." —Mac (J.K. Simmons), from Juno

Love can be nourished easily if reverence comes first.


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