• Good News


Days gone by just like that because of this global pandemic but hey no need to feel down or stressed. There are still so many things that reminds us to keep going. Yes, we all have struggles but our God is bigger than any of this. Many of us used this time to contemplate things which is a good thing. It also gives us time to bond with our family. On the other note, this 7 months quarantine are good somehow. 

I just wanted to share my QUARANTHINGS as a mother of 2 and jobless but instead of making myself feel miserable, I turned those struggles into motivation to keep going, I started a small business with the help of my partner and cousin. We made 24:31, you can check it here in my profile the links and you can also try our product. HEHEHE. We offer milktea in a bottle, we chose beverage in a bottle so our products will be unique. We also offer cold coffee series which is in demand nowadays and you know what's the best part? In every purchase our customers help not only me but also the coffee farmers in Batangas. 

Building or starting business are no joke but if you really wanted to do something, you can succeed. Don't rush things, as long as you're dedicated you can achieve your goal step by step. 

Don't forget to pray and always be safe! Til' next time, Brighters.