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File Uploading Tips For Your Online Cl-ass!

Admit it. Being non- tech savvy most of the time kills our patience as online learners. Problems regarding technologies can rank undoubtedly on top during these times. Since the implementation of these online class system, as for those who used to live their life under the rocks, it's probably have been the hardest adjustment for them. And you can count me in for that. When we thought we already knew so well how technology works but then again we'll realized we didn't. 

Getting to the point, since I know your dilemmas as a fellow online learner, I'm here again to share some tips I've learned along the way.

These tips would be for those who's struggling uploading their files on their online classrooms, whatever app it is. It's just that I know how nerve wrecking it would be whenever you badly need to upload a file especially during quizzes then you have no freaking idea why the freaking technology in front of you isn't doing its job and nearly ruining your life. 

Please don't smash your gadget if ever you've experienced that. You may want to check the reasons first.

These are the possible reasons why :

1. It isn't uploading because you don't have enough internet connection. Consider connecting with those who still has enough internet, like those who have wi-fi if you're a mobile data user, or better re-load your sim.

2. You have internet but you have poor signal. Try going out, check for wide open space or for a higher place. It actually works. Go near the window like you're flexing your phone in the neighborhood. Just try finding signal even if it leads you to your house' rooftop. But be careful and mindful cause  we don't want to met an accident, right?

3. Re- upload your file. I don't actually know the main cause but I guess probably because of lagging. Sometimes, we just need to re- upload the file again to refresh. Or if it is an image, check if it's in portrait cause sometimes it doesn't accept landscape  position and I don't also know why. It just happened to me. (LOL)

4. Lower your file size. 

Some of these online classroom apps might have lower file size limit so better lower the file size you are uploading especially for images. Try cropping it, or converting it to document or  PDF file type. There are available specific PDF converter app in play stores or app market. You can also convert it in your wps office app (for mobile users ) if you already have one.

5. Optimize your device (phone) storage.

Simply because poor storage affects your phone performance ( for mobile users) and I think that how it also goes with other devices.

6. Reboot your device.
This also worked for me. Using your phone for too long and  also using many apps can cause your device to lag. Try rebooting it to make sure apps running in the background will be closed. It refreshes your device.

However, if you have tried all of those and still ain't uploading, maybe that's the time you could smash your device and buy a new one. Kidding!

Don't be frustrated and calm yourself. You can talk it with your instructor to give you consideration. Just explain the situation and hopefully your instructor would understand. It's not the end of the world yet. You can still make up for an unsubmitted requirement. Loosen up that frustration and pressure!

I hope atleast one of these tips would help. If you have more knowledge about these topic, share it down below in the comment section. Or if I unknowingly gave a misleading information, please notify me so I could correct it.

Anyway, staysafe and Godbless everyone. Students, do well in your studies. You can make it!