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Slow Computer/Loptop ?
Try this tips :
1. First open your computer/laptop
2. Press windows (logo ) + r on you keyboard,  and type "%temp%" without double quotes. Then hit enter on keyboard.
3. A window with a  folder named Temp  will appear.
4. Select all by pressing ctrl + a on keyboard then followed by shift + delete. This will delete all Temporary files on that folder and it will help you Computer/Laptop performances to become faster. Some files might not or cannot be deleted. just leave it or skip. It's okay.

What Are Temporary Files?
Why are there temporary files on my computer?
Your computer makes temporary files automatically. Temporary files store temporary data. They’re created by programs that users use (like Windows).
Temporary files help your computer run more smoothly when you use programs or perform tasks that are related to them.