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I know

I know it's not okay,
I know it won't get better...
For now.

I may don't know the exact pain you are feeling right now,
But I know how pain can break someone's heart.
I know how pain can make tears fall down on your cheeks.
I know how pain can make you fall on your knees and beg for this to be gone.
I know how pain works.

Cry, whenever you want to.
Scream, if you feel suffocated. Let it out.
That won't make you look stupid and weak.

This might be a long, hard process to accept the things that had happened and the things that are happening.

We cannot change the past, I know. 
We cannot restart what just started, I know.

The show must go on, yes I know, but promise me to give Life a fucking fight.
We might not know what will happen next, but at least we gave our best to fight back. 

It's okay to lose because you fought it's an honor, but losing without fighting is unacceptable.