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Times has been really tough for me this past few weeks but I'm glad that there are these people who keeps me motivated throughout my journey. It is very hard to deal with a stagnant lifestyle because of the pandemic. Our family business cant operate and my mom was left to work 5x a week, my online class schedule is so hectic and everything is getting toxic but Im happy that they keep my hopes up. The laughter that we share is incomparable everytime we get to bond. I named the title "Opera" because almost all of us already endured the danger of the operation room. Hahahaha! Thank you guys for being my light when days are dark for me. This simple things makes me cherish simple things in life just like having true friends <3 Thank God for another day! I am alive and I will keep on going.


  • Eduard
    Oct 25, 2020 21:20
    This pandemic is really a challenge for us but I know the time will come that everything will be back to normal.