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California Maki

California Maki has always been my favorite. I dont know but I can eat it all day! Last time I posted my tiktok eating a bunch of sushi and maki's I just cant get enough of it. I just love the mixture of savory, sweet, spicy and sour. The mango, cucumber,crab sticks, caviar and japanese rice compliments with each other and also what I like about it is that it has no MSG and it is healthy. I am a Nutrition and Dietetics student and my number 1 advocacy is to eat balanced, varied and moderated diet! Sushi is in the top of my healthy picks. Imagine a food that comprises protein, carbohydrate and fat. I just love sushi so much. Let eat SUSHI and be HAPPY <3  #MYFAVORITEFOOD


  • Rashe
    Oct 25, 2020 22:32
    Obsessed with California Maki too!!