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Mara Chinayeo

Online Classes does not work

In today's pandemic, our lives have changed. We experienced a very great impact caused by it. We can no longer meet face-to-face. DepEd and CHED continued to implement online or modular classes for the students however, based on my experience it is not good.

I am a senior high school student and a newbie in my current school. I am appointed to become the class president and I really want to manage them all. We are all struggling in this kind of education set-up. I saw how some of my classmates struggled with their internet connectivity and some of my lazy students are being left out. Not all teachers do consider this kind of problem and it so sad that these kid's parents paid for a very high tuition fee and yet their kids do not attend it. 

With all of my responsibilities at school and in my personal life, online classes are not good for my health especially my mental health. I remembered me having 3 and more mental breakdowns caused by stress given by the unending activities that the teacher's give.  Group works nowadays is really stressful because some of the members don't participate and do not care about these activities. It is really hard for a student who has many responsibilities in life to manage group works, seminars, contests, and other activities. This online class is just based on passing activities and it does not teach anything.

With my situation, I lashed out so many times because of stress. Physically and mentally, I am so tired. Sleepless nights of making these tasks and managing responsibilities and all of that stuffs. It is not easy, it's so stressful. Recently, some cases of students who committed suicide because of modules, online classes, and stress are becoming more and more. It is so sad that this new way of learning causes a great risk for a student's health but the show must go on. We should fight and fight. Let's be strong in these times. We will shine soon and these sacrifices will just become a memory that guides us in the process of making ourselves successful in the near future. It is okay to cry but always remember to pay, it truly helps. Rest but never give up.


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