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Gerald Amosco

How do good communication Benefit a person

How good communication is important during the quarantine or in this time of pandemic?

        We all know that this time we are facing in a very difficult times.  The whole world are experiencing in a tragic and stressful living.  Therefore we must communicate with our family, friends and other that may help us to become mentally stable. 
        According to the https://www.pubs.ext.vt.edu/ it was stated that, "Family communication refers to the way verbal and non-verbal information is exchanged between family members (Epstein, Bishop, Ryan, Miller, & Keitner, (1993). Communication involves the ability to pay attention to what others are thinking and feeling. In other words, an important part of communication is not just talking, but listening to what others have to say.

Communication within the family is extremely important because it enables members to express their needs, wants, and concerns to each other. Open and honest communication creates an atmosphere that allows family members to express their differences as well as love and admiration for one another. It is through communication that family members are able to resolve the unavoidable problems that arise in all families." 

  By having also good communicating with our friends it can lead us to stay away from negativity and Through this we can be more happy. You and your friends can do things that will make you happy, even do it is made through by the help of virtual communication or video chatting. By the help of it also we can clear our mind and it makes our day productive. 

Have a Good Day Everyone!