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          Is being happy can be considered as today's necessity? If yes, how can someone be genuinely happy? The meaning of happiness depends on the perspective of the person you are asking.

          Some people are being called naive for being happy over small things such as enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, baking goods, or having a pep talk with their neighbor. There is an explanation as to why other people can be happy over such things. Happy hormones are chemicals produced by the different glands in your body that help promote positive feelings, including happiness and pleasure. Today's achievements can trigger the production of your "feel-good hormone" (dopamine) while spending time with your family can stimulate the release of your love hormone (oxytocin). Further, watching your favorite movie can lead to the production of your body's natural painkiller (endorphin), and having your morning exercise routine can stimulate the release of your natural mood stabilizer (serotonin). However, some people may associate happiness with deeper meaning or more profound reason as to why they should be happy. There are four levels of happiness based on Aristotle.  First would be the Laetus - the instant sensual gratification gained from material objects that satisfies your id. The second would be Felix - happiness obtained from your achievements of being better or superior, aka ego gratification. Third, Beatitudo - happiness from the human desire to do good for others; misbehavior punishes your super-ego with feelings of guilt. And lastly, the Sublime Beatitudo - the ultimate happiness that involves the pursuit of completeness and fulfillment, satisfying your super-ego.

          From my perspective, finding happiness in simple things will help you face the uncertainties of tomorrow with positivity, and that makes us able to survive without losing our true selves. In our current pandemic situation, surviving the day together with your loved ones is already enough reason to be happy. Even being able to wake up in the morning is a reason to be thankful. You have to appreciate the small things around you to widen your horizons in searching for genuine happiness. Hence, being happy does not require the world's validation as long you are not hurting/harming others. 

          Prioritizing your happiness guided with your principles in life is necessary to have that driving force to start something new or even better. Just like what William Morris said - "The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life”. 

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