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Nelson G


#MYGREATESTFEAR is quite different not like the other folks as I am not afraid of either existence or non-existent kinda thing, I am afraid of leaving with unfinished business in this world.  I mean not everyone knows about the reason for their death and not everyone has given a chance to say goodbye because we know that there are some unfortunate events that might happen while we are outside of our house. 

There are some people who happen to know that they only have like two or three months left in this world though it is hard to swallow because everyone wants to spend some time with their family, seeing their kids grow, seeing other family members succeed in their chosen career and creating more memories.  

For me, it is good to know that you have this chance even if it is little, I mean we're all going to die eventually, and having this kind of opportunity is much better than nothing right, there are people who did not get a chance to say goodbye and settle everything on their end because of some crazy human being who took their lives while they are walking or buying something in the grocery store.  

And If I am given a chance to choose whether to die in an instant or with allotted time I prefer to have at least a couple of months or a year just to settle everything not just for my family but also for my friends.  I want to say sorry for those people I've hurt and to say thank you to those who created an impact not just in my life but also the ones who I put my one hundred percent trust.  #MYGREATESTFEAR.


  • Kyungg
    Oct 28, 2020 23:03
    For me, it's the challenge of life to live on our fullest coz we can't really predict when we'll exactly die or run out of time to do the things we want.šŸ‘Œ
  • Franchesca Correa
    Oct 28, 2020 11:18
    nice :)