• Good News

Joh Santos


Uhm so I’ve been through a lot of stress lately i thought maybe because of the pandemic. Minsan i just feel so alone kahit na nasa tabi ko lang family ko and may mga supportive and caring friends ako i mean they love me so much but i just feel so empty. Plus overthinking always hit me. I can’t sleep at night, i can hardly focus, i lose appetite. One night before i sleep i prayed so hard na naiyak ako, i asked Him kung ba’t ganto yung naffeel ko? Why i feel so empty, so sad, and i feel like losing my interest in everything? And i realize when i woke up na sinisisi ko pa din pala kasi yung sarili ko sa lahat ng nangyari in the past. Na madami pa din akong regrets and di ko pa din matanggap. So i’m sharing this to you guys kasi maybe it’s time for you to let go na din from whats making you sad kasi it’s not good for us. Affected tayo not just physically but mentally & spiritually. So we should move forward and be happy! Not everything that weighs u down is urs to carry, i learned this the hard way. 🤍 Let Go & Let God! Godbless us all. 🤍


  • Kyungg
    Oct 28, 2020 23:10
    Speak out what you feel also to your fam, even if you feel it's unnecessary. Just saying how empty you feel I think could help too. Hehe. Or if you can't share your inner thoughts, maybe you can write it down just to release the built up emotions☺️
  • Kyungg
    Oct 28, 2020 23:08
    Hi. Are you okay now? If you don't mind, I advise you to take some moderate excercise an hour before sleeping and drink a lot of water to be calm at night and avoid overthinking 💖 It helped me☺️
  • Franchesca Correa
    Oct 28, 2020 11:18
    This is gonna be over soon! You can do it! <3