• Good News


My family is my greatest blessing and losing them is my greatest fear. Ive always been dependent on them since I was a child and I dont know what will happen to me if they werent there for me. They are my strength. I remember back when I was a child I would always cry whenever they are going to work, Im very clingy that I wouldnt like it whenever they are going somewhere far from me. 

My parents are now old and in a span of 3 years they are going to retire. I'm the eldest and Im still a college student. If only I would be given a chance to work and grind for the family I would for them not to be stressed out and have the rest of their lives being enjoyed.

Despite of the pandemic that brought us a down fall we managed to look at the brighter side and I hope all will be alright in time. I dont want my biggest fear to come just because they are stressing out for us. Thank God for this new day. New opportunity to write this good news and one step ahead to helping my family. Thank you goods info net. I also get positivity and self reflect when I write like this. This site is a blessing. :)


  • Ivic_19
    Oct 26, 2020 16:52
    Family is really a blessing to us. Wishing you the best, fighting:)
  • Kyungg
    Oct 26, 2020 12:16
    Very nice family picture 💖 Godbless your fam💝