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Agatha De Borja

#MYFAVORITEFOOD From An Extremely Picky Eater To A Vegetarian

If you have seen me when I was 4 to 7 years old, my taste in food used to be entirely different. Even when I'm older! It's one of the personal issues I have had. You would never believe it! Never in anyone's mind would have thought that I'd become vegetarian. I hated fries, burgers, and vegetables just like how any kid would react to such food. However, it wasn't just hate. In fact, I was an extreme hater of kinds of food. I swear. I'm not joking when I say this. Growing up I have been a very picky eater. I was one of the pickiest people ever. Whenever I got forced to eat these things, I wanted to puke them. Nobody would have thought that I could change myself to 360 degrees. How did I change my meals? First of all, I changed my state. In other words, I changed my mind regarding aspects of myself.  This was the first and the most thing that I did before the rest. The reason for my transition to vegetarianism was for spiritual reasons. This is a personal indication that I care about the world including animals. Now I'm still doing research on whether veganism can be good for my body. As an empath, being vegetarian would help me alleviate stress and other negative emotions. It's a food habit that I had to practice every day. How is this transformation possible? I literally have been making major changes about myself. It wasn't an instant transformation. It took practice. I personally noticed that the older I grew, the easier it got for me in this process.

Photo Credit: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics