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A pill before bedtime. (Physician's Recommendation)

Hi Everyone. I am sharing my stories to spread awareness about mental health, don't forget to read my previous stories as I fight for having a healthy mind. I hope it will be the start to break the stigma. 
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Last two weeks ago, I went for another session for consultation with my guidance counselor. I told her that I am experiencing difficulties sleeping thinking about things that bother me for a couple of weeks. So, she recommends me to our university doctor for the prescription of sleeping pills, and I would like to share with you the doctor's advice for people who are struggling to get to sleep. 

According to her, it will take you two to three weeks of practice to become a hobby. In my case, I cannot sleep with enough time for two weeks already, and we can still correct it before it gets worse. 
She prescribes me a sleeping pill that I have to take for two weeks, and I'm now on my last two capsules to take. I have to take it an hour before my sleeping time. There are still nights that it's hard to sleep because of overthinking, and thanks to the medicine that helps me to continue with my healthy sleeping pattern. If you have the same problem in sleeping as mine, don't forget to consult a specialist before going to drug therapy. It is a must before taking any pill or medication. (I will write another good news for some of her advice) 

I wish  I have this courage to consult for professional help before I went like this. I think one of the things that you should practice while you are young is your sleeping pattern. Throughout my five years of college days, there are wakeful nights that I cannot do something. And I am happy that as the challenges in my life are getting harder, I know how to stand tough as I handle them by improving first my lifestyle particularly, my sleeping pattern.  

Feel free to ask me a question in the comment section. Let us be friends and help one another to stop the stigma. :) see you on my next stories!