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Twenty-one days to go and it will be Christmas wherein giving and receiving are the essence of this celebration. One of the tradition we do is writing a christmas wish list and make this list come true.

These are my Christmas Wish List
Pocket wifi-this will be a big help for me since my internet connection is slow and unstable that makes me struggle in online class.
Books- I love to have any kind of books written by Paulo Coelho. His writing style is unique and he write in universal tone. I only read his novel "The Alchemist" and "Veronica Decided to Die" in a PDF format and I would like to have any book copy of his works.
My Mom- I want to see and hug her its been two years since she left us to work as domestic helper in Qatar. And this month will be her flight back home and Im so excited to see and hug her again.
Seeing my kids cousin happy- giving them a small gifts that will make them smile and happy is want I want to do.