• Good News


We all have challenges and struggles and lives, that makes us worry about things, such us, why did this thing happened to me, or am I deserving for this pain? Some makes us want to quit, and think about that particular struggle for years, because of this, we are inside the shadow of the past, we think that this shadow will never leave us and will be part of our lives forever, leading to us ignoring the beauty of life. Shadow may be scary, shadows and darkness may make us feel weak, but we must remember, that shadows can also be our resting place , like under a tree, shadow can be our strength, some of us might experience shocks from the past, leading them to live in their shadows and ignore the beauty of life, but the way I see it, our scary shadows also are greatest strength, because of those struggles, we are still breathing and fighting, because of those problems, we are still wise and strong, our past maybe not that good, but let me remind you my friend, that sometimes we must trust the process, and those struggles are happening for a reason, let us come out of our shadows and see the beauty in our lives, we will not leave the past, the lessons will remain, and that is our strength.